Eating the Right Nutrition

We would recommend that women cultivate a healthy and balanced diet, particularly foods that include a high amount of antioxidants, high in folate and omega-3 fatty acids which help facilitate progress ovulation and increased blood flow to the reproductive organs.
Refrain from smoking and alcohol binge drinking, and reduce caffeine intake.
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Therapeutic Herbal Science

When there are problems with conceiving, the focus is particularly on the kidneys, spleen, and liver, which govern the regulation of Qi energy and blood flow.
Problems with fertility – including endometrioses, fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and premature ovarian failure (POF) – are often related to imbalances in these systems.
Our Herbal essence prescriptions are, therefore, aimed at nourishing and restoring balance related to the reproductive system – spleen, liver, and kidneys.
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Herbs that helps women to be pregnant faster
Womb Wellness Massage

Fertility Massage

Massage has been used for centuries to help women increase their fertility and create a healthy uterus. Fertility massage focuses on cleansing, balancing, and opening the woman’s body physically and energetically while relaxing her mind so she can be ready to receive and conceive.

Massage can facilitate the process physically by breaking up adhesions and increasing pelvic blood supply, helping relax tense muscles and tight connective tissues that may have been constricting blood vessels and thus enabling blood to flow more freely.

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