Strait Times Spotlights Fertility Massage Pioneers at Highlander Wellness Singapore

The Strait Times – November 2023

Pathways to Motherhood: Strait Times Spotlights Fertility Massage Pioneers at Highlander Wellness Singapore

In the bustling heart of Singapore, a story of hope unfolds within the welcoming embrace of the Highlander Fertility Wellness Centre. Featured in the Strait Times, this sanctuary of fertility speaks to a trend that is rising globally — the quest for motherhood…

Vogue – September 2022

Preparing for pregnancy? Boost your fertility journey with these wellness therapies

You see it all the time in Hollywood movies: boy meets girl, they get it on and faster than you can say ‘Bugaboo stroller’, they’re knocked up. It’s enough to make any aspiring mum-to-be wonder why preparing for pregnancy even matters…

Singapore Motherhood – July 2022

Fertility Massage Therapy Helped Her Conceive – Now She’s Helped 1,000 Other Women

I decided to open Highlander Wellness Centre because I wanted to help women facing the same struggles I did. To do so, I did my research on fertility massage therapy and upgraded my skills. I took wellness massage courses with Republic Polytechnic and Spatec Academy to bolster my NSRS …
Our parenting world

Our Parenting World – Jun 2022

Exclusive Interview with the Founder of Highlander Wellness Centre

Regulating blood circulation and improving womb health can be achieved through fertility massage and moxibustion as it helps to dispel toxins built up and heal scar tissues and this can lead to reduced menstrual cramps and regulated period cycles…
Wellness Insider

The Wellness Insider – May 2022

How a Massage Therapist Helped 1,000 Previously Infertile Mothers Conceive

The journey to help women through their reproductive health journeys has not always been smooth. Although not many, Wendy has also experienced customers who wanted to stop their treatments the moment they got pregnant. Whenever this happens, Wendy takes the time to explain how …