You’re not the only one who feels pressured and perplexed because you don’t have kids. Nevertheless, if you do not suffer from immune-related illnesses or a reproductive health issue that necessitates medical attention, numerous studies have demonstrated that changing certain behaviours can increase your chances of becoming pregnant naturally.

1. Regular physical activity

Try to maintain your weight within the normal range when you walk and exercise.
Avoid doing intense exercise because it will strain your body.


2. Take time to relax

It is less likely to become pregnant if stress levels rise. Therefore, give yourself some space to unwind and let your thoughts settle.


3. Reduce your exposure to environmentally dangerous pollutants

It has been demonstrated that regular exposure to harmful substances, such as organic solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides, negatively impacts both men and women’s capacity to conceive. Agricultural items grown organically should be used. Select cleaning and personal care items that are free of toxic ingredients.


4. Fertility massage

Self-massage of the abdomen has various advantages and is crucial for reproductive health, including boosting blood flow to the uterus. The environment for the embryo’s development is made more fertile, and the ovaries receive more oxygen and nutrients for the growth of the egg.


Before attempting to get pregnant, you should have beneficial lifestyle modifications in place for at least four months. Remember to maintain a balanced diet and an active lifestyle both before and throughout pregnancy.

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